Care and Maintenance - Stone Veneer

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Stone Veneer Care and Maintenance

Black Bear Mountain Stone brick veneer and stone veneer are constructed of multi-colored concrete units and has a very natural look. To keep this natural appeal, use care to avoid chipping the faces when installing.  
Brick veneer and stone veneer are made from natural, environmentally-friendly material, and therefore, variations in color may occur.  
Also, the colors of concrete products can change over time due to (but not limited to):  1. Moisture changes in the product. 2. Sunlight fading or altering the colors. 3. Chemical staining from fertilizers, ice melts, etc. 4. Along with other reasons.
To help avoid this a concrete sealer can be applied to the product to help protect the natural appeal. If a sealer is used be sure to follow the directions of the applied sealer for proper application and maintenance.  
Efflorescence, a whitish, powder-like deposit that sometimes appears on concrete products, in no way affects the structural integrity of the brick veneer and stone veneer and will wash and wear off over time or can be cleaned using an Efflorescence cleaner from your local supply store.
Use a non-etching concrete cleaner to remove clay, dirt, mortar residue, or other stains on stone. A pressure washer may be used to clean stone as long as it does not exceed 3000 psi, a yellow tip (wide fan) is used, and a minimum distance of 18” is kept back from the stone. We recommend that after stone and mortar is fully cured, has been cleaned and is dry, apply our water-based concrete sealer to help repel the elements and keep stone clean.
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